Famous Theatre Companies

There has been a wide variety of famous theatre companies who have stayed at the Lodge, these include:

Penned in the Margins; Antosh Wojcik and Nick Murray stayed with us in June 2019 while performing ‘How To Keep Time – A Drum Solo For Dementia’ at The Lawrence Batley Theatre.
National Dance Company Wales stayed with us April 2019 while performing Awakening at the Lawrence Batley Theatre. The cast and crew included: Ian Buchanan, Charlie Knight, Ed Saunders, Tomos Derrick, Victoria Roberts, Elena Sgarbi, Tim Volleman, Ed Myhill, Mat Prichard, Marine Tournet, Nikita Goile, Queenie Maidement-Otlet, Aisha Naamani, Julie Rieder, Cyril Durand-Gasselin, Fearghus O’Conchuir and Anna Hainsworth.
A group of nine performers of Unlimited Theatre Company who appeared at the local theatre, October 2018, five of them are also pictured relaxing after the show in our conservatory.

National Dance Company Wales stayed with us February 2018 while performing at the Lawrence Batley Theatre. The cast and crew included: Charlie Knight, Adam Cobley, Steffi Pickering, Mathew Prichard, Ed Myhill, Evan Schwarz, Cyril Durand-Gasselin, Elena Sgarbi, Tim Volleman, Nikita Goile, Kat Collings, Lee Johnston, Marine Tournet, Julia Rieder, Kate Perridge, Suzanne Carter

Members of Orange Tree Theatre stayed with us for four nights in November 2016 while performing French Without Tears at the local theatre. The cast included Jeremy Woodhouse, Jane Claire, and Spencer Noll.
Gary Clarke Company stayed with us in October 2016 while performing COAL at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.

Crying Out Load Theatre Company – February 2016, this was their third stay in our hotel while performing in Huddersfield. The group included –

Lola Renard

Oliver Pasquet

Amanda Lund

Emmanuel Debuck

Charlotte Rigaut

Mikael Vienot

Thomas Reudet

Manon Durieux

Camille Secheppet

Above: Members of The Pocket Theatre company, they stayed at the hotel while performing Arabian Nights at the LBT theatre, May 2015

‘Theatre Alibi’ visited us again while performing ‘I Believe in Unicorns’at our local theatre the performers were Tom Johnson, Amy Spencer, Cerianne Roberts, Derek Frood.
Members of this theatre group are regular visitors to our hotel and town’

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Listed below are members of the Tara Arts who stayed at the Central Lodge while performing in Huddersfield, March 2015.

Deven Modha, Shakeen Khan, Robert Mountford


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Listed below are members of the Theatre Hullabaloo who stayed at the Central Lodge while performing in Huddersfield, June 2012.

Luci Briginshaw, John Biddle, Eva Karell, Darren James Clark, Adrian Mitchell, Andrew Sparkling, Nick Kent


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Listed below are members of the Northen Stage group who stayed at the Central Lodge while performing "Close the coalhouse door" in Huddersfield, May 2012.

Colin Holman, Rachel Oliver, Graham Wilson


Here are photos of just a few of the members of the Vincent Dance Theatre group who stayed at the Central Lodge while performing "Motherland" in Huddersfield, November 2012

The performers of Vincent Dance Theatre are: Benita Oakley, Greig Cooke, Ruth Ben Tovim, Nik Kennedy, Robert Clark, Guy Dickens and Patrycja Kujowska

Street Performers
Entertaining the crowds in Huddersfield when the Olympic Torch came through on Satuday 24th June 2012.

Rannel Flhip Flhop
Strictly Dumb Prancing
Circus Fudge

Theatre De L’Oeil
Lone Twin Theatre Group
Mem Morrison Theatre Group
Compaigne des Quidams
Cie Carabosse
Flown - April 2014

Huddersfield Festival Of Light 2010
Ragroof Theatre
Gandini Jugglers
Runaway Christmas Tree
Wrong size - Lightwalkers
Mechanical Menagerie

Huddersfield Festival Of Light 2011
Hot Potato Syncopator
Arrabesque Mermaids

Huddersfield Festival Of Light 2012
Jo Bithume
Stickleback Plasticus (Comedian)
Surreal McCoy
The Wrongsize

Music Theatre Wales
Ian Buchanan 
Amy Tarren
Cat Chatterley
Arlene Rolph
Christine Gerrard
Becky Shipley
Steve Hawkins 
Christopher Lemmings
Helen Willis
Michael McCarthy
Michael Rafferty
Gail Pearson
Nicholas Folwell
Carole Strachan
Jeremy Huw Williams

Tall Stones Theatre Company
Stuart Slavicky
Lesley Cook
Mane Devine
Mark Munday

Angel Exit Theatre
Lynne Forbes
James Mitchell
Simon Jones
Henry Douthwaite
Matthew Llewellyn Smith
Tamsin Fessey

chapeau magique
Paul-Henri Jeannel

Ray Rennie
Elb Hall

Opera della Luna
James Henshaw
Bee George
Jeff Clarke
Graham Hoadly
Ian Belsey
Rachel Davies
Gavin Morrison
Rhona McKail
Angela Simkin
Rosalind Acton
Gareth Morris
Trevor Jary
Adam Price
Dickon Gough
Jemma Bausor
Steve Fawbert

Travelled Companions
Emma Hirons
Joseph Hirons
Julie Kellington
Phil Sanders
Anthony Cairns
Sonia Chapman

Theatre Directors
Hannah Mulder

Christopher Seaman

Patrick Garvey

Mike Hatch - Renowned music engineer

Dark Horse Theatre Company
Vanessa Brooks


Grid Iron Theatre Company
Ben Winger
Ross Allen
Finn Hertog
David Elliot
Nichola Reilly
Martin McCormick
Zoe Squair
Gavin Wright
Nicky Elliott

Chipping-Norton Theatre
Andrew Cullum
Simon McCoy
Joe Hole
Julie Hobbs
Catrin Livsey
Sian Reid
Amy Southeard

Chöl Theatre Group
Amanda Huxtable
Balwinder Sopal
Jag Sanghera
Jemima Martin    
Anne Larkin
Christina Denham
Andrew Loretto (Director)
Gerald Fox
Steven Scott
David James
Kiruna Stamell
Nadia Adame
Dean Ramsden

Foursight Theatre and Teatro do Montemuro
Abel Duarte
Paulo Duarte
Frances Land
Samantha Fox
Lucy Tuck
Penny Glaze
Eduardo Correla
Ricardo Rocha
Carlos Cal

Transport and New Wolsey Theatre
Douglas Rintoul
Gracy Goldman
Bridgitta Roy
Anna Elijasz
Liam Bergin
Jon Foster
Mark Jax
Krystian Godlewski


Below: Angela with Jade Kindar-Martin, one of the wire walkers who appeared in the Huddersfield Festival of Light 2012 who stayed at the Central Lodge.
Below: A selection of acts who appeared in the Huddersfield Festival of Light 2011 who stayed at the Central Lodge.
Tilt enjoying the bar area
Retouramont - Noemie, Fabrice, Olivia
Arrabesque Mermaids Hot Potato Syncopator
Arrabesque Mermaidens Hot Potato Syncopator

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