Overseas Visitors and Other friends of the Central Lodge

3 guests from Lithuania in May 2016. On the left is Rossi and he and his team were working in local textile mill  
Various musicians stayed with us in February
2016 while performing at the ‘Electric Spring –
5 days of sonic exploration’ in University of Huddersfield. We would like to thank Dr Tremblay of Huddersfield University for continuously choosing our hotel for his celebrated guests throughout the years!
Piet Bos and Bert Beernink, two visiting tutors from Holland, April 2016.

They are pictured in our lounge with Special Constable Paula in the middle and Nia, our operations manager, on the right

Ciaran McCabe and Ann Beilby, part of the Cavaleri Quartet who stayed with us in December 2015 whilst performing with the Huddersfield Music Society.

Steeleye Span who were performing locally stayed with us at the Central Lodge Hotel. Lovely bunch of people.

Mr and Mrs Holness from Jamaica with their son pictured in the hotel reception. They were here in November 2015 for graduation ceremony in Huddersfield University
Pictured are Officer Ditty and Professor Poet, alias Joe and Andy from CBeebies TV show The Rhyme Rocket. The boys stayed at our hotel when switching on the town centre Christmas Lights in November 2015. Mr and Mrs Klarlund from Denmark pictured with their son Jeppe who has started his studies at Huddersfield University
Well known comedian Billy Pearce stayed with us again while performing in Huddersfield. After the gig Billy was so thirsty so he pulled his own pint! Mr Zhongchen Li from China stayed with us during November and December while working at a local engineering company. He is pictured with Bill, one of our night managers.
Pictured are members of "Travelled Companions" who were performing at the LBT Theatre in October 2015 and stayed at the Central Lodge Hotel. They are Emma, Julie, Phil, Anthony, Joseph and Sonia.
Mr and Mrs Degregorio pictured with Joe during their recent visit from Tampa, Florida.
Mr Lu and Mr Luo from China pictured outside the Central Lodge, the gentlemen were here on business, visiting a local textile company.
Dr Amiri, originally from Iran and now living
in Denmark. Dr Amiri is pictured with Paul the
Night Manager and the Danish flag.
Joe, Miss Talwar and Janice with the Indian flag. Miss Talwar was working at the local engineering comapny and stayed 74 nights.
Mr and Mrs Saputra from Jakarta, Indonesia. They are pictured with Carole our receptionist during their visit to Yorkshire, August 2015.
Mr Zhang Yifan from China pictured outside the hotel with Johnny our MD in August 2015.
Carole, our receptionist from Paris, is pictured second left with the family from China. Mum and Dad who stayed in July to see their daughter graduate at Huddersfield Uni.
Paul our night manager with James and Elke from Belgium who visited in August 2015.
The Yorkshire Hotdog team stayed with us in August 2015 for the Huddersfield Food Festival

Martyn Brabbins on the right and Aiden Oliver, reknowned conductors who stayed at our hotel while conducting the Huddersfield Choral Society

So Wing Sze and family in July 2015 here for the University graduation.
Some important international visitors pictured at the hotel in May 2015.
Front Row L – R: Wilfred Jameson Sykes, Manuel C Turchan, Jahr Turchan (part of the Space Shuttle Manufacturing Team)
Back Row L – R: Mark Shelton (Western Australian News), Peter Blackburn, Howie Morgan (Musician/Singer from Perth, Western Australia)
A group of Norwegian men ready to set off after breakfast to the Huddersfield Town game in early March. Mr Neilson on the right has supported Town for over 40 years and they will be travelling again from Norway to see a game next season Martin Moravek and Jan Hornych from the Czech Republic pictured at the bar with Steve: one of the night managers

Above: Two ladies from Canada pointing where they are from on the World Map at the Central Lodge.

Left: Colin Fry from Essex with his pet dog at the Central Lodge in July 2014.

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