Overseas Visitors and Other friends of the Central Lodge

The Mayor of Kirklees, Councillor David
Ridgway pictured with Joe and John Marsden
at the Central Lodge, May 2013. David called in
at the end of his one year term to
thank businesses who had helped raise
funds for his charity, The Yorkshire Regiment

Annie Drury stayed while performing in Huddersfield
Annie was born into a musical family from an Irish folk background. Annie’s song writing has been influenced by timeless, classic female artists such as Joni Mitchel, Carol King and Kate Bush.

Brian and Elaine Hayhurst now living in Spain. They are pictured whilst staying at the Central Lodge and having a family and friends reunion party.

Mr Jayadeep Kayastha and Mr Rama Sasemari visiting from India and pictured with Angela Marsden and Sandra the office administrator.

Professor Clark from The University of Rhode Island, US with his wife and members of our breakfast team raising the Star and Stripes and the Union Jack. They stayed three weeks in our new self catering apartment while visiting University of Huddersfield in April 2013.

Zhang Ge, Zhang Di, Chu Jun from China enjoying a Yorkshire Breakfast. They are friends of Ricky from Dong Dong Chinese Supermarket. Tom Larson from Norway helping Mr Kannan Ananda and Bharath Krishna raising the Indian flag.
Vanessa Brooks, Writer and Director pictured with Angela. On the right is Vanessa's most recent production.

Above and on the left are members of Titanik, a group of performing artists from Germany.

They were performing in nearby Dewsbury and they stayed at the Central Lodge. You can see that they are all relaxing after finishing their perfomance.

We think Kasha (Top left dressed in black) is a Russian Princess.

Great people and great fun to be with!

Angela Marsden introduced Abdulla and Abdulaziz both from Qatar who met each other for the first time at the Central Lodge hotel.
John Kelly of Lynx Met Mast Services of Dublin having a flag wave and a Guinness with Joe at the Central Lodge. Mr Kelly's company erects mobile phone masts and wind turbines throughout the British Isles.
Mr and Mrs Brown from California, guests in January 2013 at the Central Lodge with Joe the Hotel Director.
Alessio, Irene and Roberto from Italy, guests in January at the Central Lodge with Angela Marsden.
David with his team of tradesmen and Janice and Joe pictured at the Central Lodge in December 2012. The men had completed major refurbishments at Janice and Joe's house and called in for a few beers before hitting the town. Great bunch of lads!
Borromini String Quartet who performed in Huddersfield in December 2012. Pictured are Samuel Kennedy and James Toll finishing breakfast before an impromptu performance.

On the right are the signatures and comments from the Royal Artillery reunion party. They stayed on November 2nd 2012 and this is 5th year they have come to Huddersfield. Many of them have already booked for 2013.

A great bunch of lads and wives.

frank china
Mr and Mrs Slegers from Holland visiting their son Frank in Huddersfield on the 3rd December 2011. Mrs Hisami Murakami with Mark, breakfast chef at the Huddersfield Central Lodge. Mrs Murakami was visiting from Japan.
Mr Jhy-Cherng-Tsai from National Chung-Hsing University enjoying Yorkshire Tea at the Huddersfield Central Lodge.  

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