Overseas Visitors and Other friends of the Central Lodge

Russian residents from a company called Kamaz. They were here to visit a local engineering firm and they are pictured with Joe after having dinner.
Salwa A. Al-Najjar came to join a friend at breakfast time and enjoyed a good Yorkshire breakfast cooked by Mark our breakfast chef.
Carpark Smoking Area
Yorkshire Pudding

Yorkshire Pudding Day!
Pictured are visitors from China, India and the United States. Many of them asked “What is a Yorkshire Pudding?”

Janice Marsden from the Central Lodge invited them to have a Yorkshire pudding with onion gravy and a teapot of tea one Sunday in early September 2010

The guests are pictured with Yorkshire flat caps which we provided.

Mr Jin and Mr Fei


Nadine Guinefoleau and Christophe Bricheteau from Cie Carabosse. A fire and magic entertainment company from France. Pictured with Joe Marsden (top left) while visiting the Central Lodge.

Pictured right are Mr Jin and Mr Fei from China with Angela Marsden. They booked in April for 45 nights working at a local engineering company. During the evening the gentlemen play Badminton in the Central Lodge car park.

Carpark Andreas and Se-Lien
Oh Yey! Oh Yey! The Huddersfield Town Crier Vic Watson came to the Central Lodge to welcome some of our foreign visitors. They came from Detroit, Dallas, Fort Worth, South Carolina, Cumbria, Leicestershire and India. Vic gave them a short history of Town Crier duties after performing his official welcome. Andreas Weixler and Se-Lien Chuang with Gary our maintainence engineer pictured at the Central Lodge while visiting the University of Huddersfield. Both are composers and musicians with a special emphasis on computer music and the media arts.
Zik Gbemre Army reunion
Mr Zik Gbemre from Nigeria at the Hotel visiting his family in Huddersfield. A reunion of former members of the 5th Regiment Royal Artillery at the Huddersfield Central Lodge.
South Korean visitors with Joe, flying the flag, March 2012, in the Central Lodge bar. Ravi Kumar on the right, one of our regular Indian visitors. Mark and Angela help Ravi fly the flag in the Lodge conservatory.

Van Del Grades

The Wilsons
Mr and Mrs Van Del Grade, friends of Angela's aunty Jean and Uncle Brian on there visit to the Huddersfield Central Lodge hoisting their Dutch national flag on 14th April 2010. Patricia, Byron and James Wilson from USA with John and Angela at the Huddersfield Central Lodge on 11th November 2008.
The Records Michael and Yuan
Barbara and Glen Record from Brush Prairie USA hoisting the Stars and Stripes at the Huddersfield Central Lodge on 2nd April 2009 with John providing the fanfare. Mr Michael Chen and Mr Yuan guests at the Huddersfield Central Lodge from China visiting Thomas Broadbent in Huddersfield in August 2010.

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