Overseas Visitors and Other friends of the Central Lodge

Raphael and Angela A family of 5
Rafael Marsiglia pictured with Angela Marsden at the Central Lodge. Rafael from Brazil is working in Huddersfield and is staying with us for 2 months. A family of 5 from Finland and Norway visited the Central Lodge in April 2011.
Grandma has watched every episode of the Last of the Summer Wine. The cast have stayed with us since 1984 until the series ended last year.
The family visited Holmfirth to see all the Summer Wine sites.
Students China
A group of residents who came back to Huddersfield for a University reunion party. Miss Nicole Rake of Cummins Turbo Technologies, South Carolina photographed with Joe.
Huddersfield Amateur Operatic Societ Annual General Meeting and later showtime in the Lounge on 4th April 2012.
St Patricks Egypt

It’s St. Patrick’s night at the Central Lodge!

Miss Salah El-Dine from Cairo visiting Huddersfield in February 2011.

Pictured here with co-owner Joe Marsden during the historic events in Egypt

This picture shows the two pipers alongside the Lodge co-owner Joe Marsden before they set off for the retirement celebration.

Police Inspectors Gordon McCreadie and Matthew Donaldson from Lothian and Borders Police stayed at the Central Lodge in March 2011, to play the bagpipes at the retirement party of Sergeant John McFazden of Huddersfield Police.

This picture on the right shows the Inspectors with Angela and Janice Marsden raising the Scottish flag on their arrival.

Flag RaiserVaren Seth and Abhay Potdar from India at the Huddersfield Central Lodge on 31st March 2011 celebrating India reaching the Cricket World Cup Final. Flag Raiser
Vivek Upadhay visiting an engineering firm in Huddersfield at the Huddersfield Central Lodge during December 2009.
USA Flag Raising
Jim and Mary
Mr Larry Nigh and friends from the USA raising
the stars and strips at the Huddersfield Lodge Hotel on 22nd September 2010.
Jim and Mary McCausland raising the Scottish flag on 29th September 2009.
Discovery Bay


Chef/Owner of Discovery Bay restaurant Huddersfield with Angela at the Huddersfield Central Lodge 2010.

Darren and Dursun Eckhard, Pravin and Joe

Darren and Dursun with Joe in the middle! Dursun is from Turkey and working in the UK.
The Central Lodge is their choice of accomodation when in our area.

Eckhard Roth from Germany, Pravin Mistry from Detroit and Joe from the Central Lodge, raising their flags and glass of beer at the Lodge bar

Gazebo China

Residents enjoying the St. Georges day celebrations.

Joe Marsden welcomes Mr. Yun from China who was visiting a local engineering company.

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