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Members of The Pocket Theatre company, they stayed at the hotel while performing Arabian Nights at the LBT theatre, May 2015
Above: Mr Billy Pearce, Comedian and Entertainer pictured at the Hotel on Saturday 25th April 2015. Alongside is Steve the night manager. Billy was appearing at the Keys restaurant. Funny guy!

Dr Daniel Martin-Vega from the Natural History Museum in London attending a forensics conference in Huddersfield in May 2015.

Sarah Tynan - Operatic Soprano

Andreas Ulvo and Froy Aagre

Above: The Sex Pistols Tribute Act.
Below: Janice Marsden with the band after breakfast at the Central Lodge Hotel.

Dr Roderick Franks
Principal Trumpet (London Symphony Orchestra)

The Henschel String Quartet, who performed in Huddersfield January 2013 as guests of the Huddersfield Music Society.

They stayed at the Central Lodge Hotel, and pictured are: Christoph Henschel, Monika Henschel-Schwind, and Mathias Beyer-Karlshoj.

Above: David Angus - Conductor

Above: Alfie Moore - Comedian Sept 2014

Above: Nancy Ruffer - Flutist

Above: Sir Willard Wentworth White, OM, CBE- Bass-baritone

Above: Emma Ferrand, a famous cellist, stayed at our hotel in March 2015

Above: Alexandra Gibson, a mezzo-soprano who stayed while performing with Huddersfield Choral Society.

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