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Carpark Smoking Area

Jean Ferguson, Bob Fyfe and Juliette Kaplan
having fun in the conservatory.  (Marina, Howard and Pearl from Last of the Summer Wine)

The cast from Last of the Summer Wine and the Marsden family posing before their end of filming party.

Town Criers Royal British Legion

Town Criers from all around the North of England are pictured outside the Central Lodge before going on to the Town Crier Competition in Huddersfield.

Members of the Huddersfield branch of the Royal British Legion are pictured outside the Central Lodge before having their twice yearly lunch and meeting.

Hardeep Singh
Travelling Music Show

Hardeep Singh Kohli visited and stayed at the Central Lodge, whilst promoting his new tour "The Nearly Naked Chef!"

A group of amateur singers and dancers who joined forces as The Travelling Music Show were on song again at a 10 year reunion having a party at the Huddersfield Central Lodge on 3rd September 2010.
Brian Hayhurst - Olympium
Brian and his wife Elaine were very popular in the Huddersfield pub trade, you will remember them
at the Angel, Paddock.

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